Business Owner Explains the Importance of Patronizing Mom and Pop's

Nov 22, 2017

Local Mom and Pop shops with no customers in a small town that appears to be deserted.
Credit Karen Maravilla, Owner of It’s Just Serendipity in Hammond

HAMMOND - A local small business owner is encouraging everyone to help save and preserve the Mom and Pop Shops of our communities, by choosing to patronize those places, not just during the holidays, but everyday, and to only use online shopping as a backup.

Karen Maravilla,  Owner of It’s Just Serendipity in Hammond asks "What do "you" want to save?"  She says if you are only thinking about what is on sale, please reconsider and "choose" to save our small businesses by shopping at Mom and Pop stores!

She says everyone can make a difference in helping the local economy in Northwest Indiana by spending money in Northwest Indiana!  Maravilla says the impact of shopping online has a far reaching effect and is hurting our local economies, as it robs our communities of jobs, economic development, income, and much more.

Maravilla says for every $100 spent in independently owned stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures.  Spend it on-line and "nothing" comes home.  She also says small businesses contribute to local charities, not-for-profit organizations and high school events.  They are involved in making our communities a better place by volunteering in "our' communities, small local businesses employ people from our communities.  Maravilla says small businesses provide one-on-one customer service, create vibrant, local shopping areas that are attractive to home buyers and can raise property values and draw tourism, also boosting the local economy they offer unique gift items and services not found anywhere else.

She also notes that small businesses dictate their own prices to remain competitive.  Small business owners are generally experts in their field and are better equipped to answer complex questions or provide innovative solutions for their customers.  

Small businesses add charm and character. They are at the very heart and identity of the community.  She says spending money at small businesses has a domino effect. Those small businesses in turn spend their money with other small businesses in Northwest Indiana!

Small Business Saturday is November 25th. But she says to please remember, small businesses need your support "all year."

Maravilla notes the existence of small businesses in a list that spans several Northwest Indiana cities and towns.  That list can be found on our website at

Please tell your friends about the importance of shopping small.

Here's a list of some wonderful shops that Maravilla recommends that everyone discover and explore:

-2 Chicks/Highland
-Eco Chic Boutique/Dyer
-Erna & Company/Munster
-Hammond Salvage and Resale/Hammond
-Happy Day Shirt and Event Company
-It's Just Serendipity/Hammond
-Market @ 119th Street/Whiting
-Mind Benders Puzzles and Games/Whiting
-Mink64/Crown Point
-Paul Henry's Art Gallery/Hammond
-Poppy and Pleats/Munster
-Primitive Peddler/Highland
-Some Time Before/Crown Point
-South Shore Arts Gift Shop/Munster
-The Annex/Highland
-The Blue Pear/Crown Point
-Ya Ya Sisters/Highland