The Feeling of Jazz – Spotlight on "Gerry Mulligan Meets the Jazz Giants" (Hr-2)

Sep 24, 2017

The Feeling of Jazz, Hr-2, Program No. 301 airing September 24, 2017 featured a spotlight on jazz baritone saxophonist "Gerry Mulligan meets the Jazz Greats."
Credit Verve Records (album cover)

The Feeling of Jazz, program # 301 airing September 24, 2017 featured a spotlight on jazz baritone saxophonist, composer and arranger Gerald "Gerry" Joseph Mulligan (April 6, 1927 – January 20, 1996) and some of the jazz greats he collaborated with in music presented by Kent Lindquist, while co-host Bill Satterlee was off this week. Engineered by Dave Woodworth.

 9 p.m. Hour – Music by Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Time length 1. Bunny, Gerry Mulligan-Johnny Hodges, Gerry Mulligan Meets Johnny Hodges, Gerry Mulligan, 5:43 min.2. Until the Real Thing Comes Along, Coleman Hawkins, Soul, Sammy Cahn, 4:42 min.3. Too Close For Comfort, Gerry Mulligan-Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan Meets Stan Getz, Jerry Bock-George David Weiss-Larry Holofcener, 6:54 min.4. In a Sentimental Mood, Buddy DeFranco, Mr. Lucky, Duke Ellington, 4:09 min.5. It's a Rhythm-A-Ning, Gerry Mulligan-Thelonius Monk, Mulligan Meets Monk, Thelonius Monk, 5:15 min.6. The Man That Got Away, Gerald Wiggins, Wiggin With Wig, Harold Arlen-Ira Gershwin, 5:49 min.7. Standstill, Gerry Mulligan-Paul Desmond, The Gerry Mulligan - Paul Desmond Quartet, Gerry Mulligan, 3:25 min.8. Fly Me To The Moon, Russell Gunn, Jazz For a Lazy Day, Bart Howard, 5:35 min.9. Birk's Works, Kenny Burrell, On View at the Five Spot Cafe', Dizzy Gillespie, 9:49 min.