Flu outbreak causes hospital visitor restriction

Jan 5, 2018


  Northeast Indiana health officials are joining other communities in urging caution as influenza and flu-like symptoms spread through the state.


Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Zach Bernard has more on the restrictions proposed to hospitals and nursing homes by the Allen County Health Department.



Guests restricted from visiting hospital and nursing home patients include anyone 18 years old or younger, and visitors of any age with flu-like symptoms.

Lutheran Health Network is one of the hospitals adopting the recommendations. Spokesman Geoff Thomas says these restrictions would not apply to individuals seeking treatment.

"It deals more with visitors, those who believe they're well and are visiting someone else," Thomas said.

The restrictions advise anyone going to a facility for treatment to wear a mask. He says Lutheran understands the good intentions of visiting loved ones, however during this time caution is necessary.

"But at this moment in the season, I think the best thing to do to insure the wellbeing of our loved ones and friends is to maybe sit it out, especially if you're experiencing influenza-like symptoms," Thomas said.


Thomas says the restrictions are temporary. They will be lifted once the influenza outbreak slows down, which Thomas says is difficult to predict.


Here is additional information from the Fort Wayne Allen County Health Department's recommendations to prevent the spread of influenza.