Prospective Gun Laws Protest Set for Saturday

Nov 16, 2017

Guns Protest NPR file photo
Credit NPR

HAMMOND - Members of the Progressive Democrats of America plan to protest prospective gun laws currently under consideration in the Indiana Legislature.  The group plans to share their message in a protest at Cabela  Drive and Indianapolis Boulevard in Hammond at 1 p.m. Saturday (11/18).  Member Barry Halgrimson says the group is in-favor of common sense gun laws but against certain other state gun laws that are pending.
"Universal Carry would allow people without licenses or any required training or vetting to carry concealed weapons, which we are definitely against.  The selling of silencers is also on the table right now and we are definitely against that," Halgrimson says.  "Also of course the additional equipment that allows a gun to become an automatic gun, automatic rifle, is definitely is in our cross hairs so-to-speak pardon the pun there."

Halgrimson says assault weapons also weigh heavily on the group's mind.

"We wonder what the basis would be for actual ownership of such a thing short of a man who wants to have a Bazooka, a Grenade Launcher and a Cannon, which of course is not allowed, so it is a gray area and I think that gray area needs to be defined a little bit closer to our goals rather than the goals of the NRA." Halgrimson says

He says the National Rifle Association (NRA) has undue influence over our government. Bringing awareness and the PDA's point of view to light is what the group is trying to accomplish by taking the issues public.