Regionally Speaking, Monday, October 9, 2017

Oct 9, 2017

Credit Heat Light Water Project

 Today:  we find out more about a cultural project in Gary that is moving into its next phase, getting involved in the saving of a bit of Gary city history. The “Heat Light Water Project” takes its name from the former General Services Building, which – when it was built in 1926 – was known as the “Heat Light Water Company.”  Jan Tichy is a Chicago-based artist who, along with his colleagues, believe that – just as heat, light and water are essential to life -- so are art and culture essential to any society.


Indiana Public Broadcasting's Charlotte Tuggle visited some of the state's regional airports for a feature on how these facilities are taking advantage of local sponsors and pilots to succeed in tough economic times.


A car crash and a mistrial in southern Indiana cast doubts on the concept of court-ordered mental health examinations.  We hear from reporter Steve Burger about this case, and how court determine the mental competency of a defendant. The series concludes tomorrow.


And we talk with Portage family practioner Dr. Tim Ames -- who's decided not to use private medical insurance and go to the "direct primary care" route, offering his patients a subscription fee for his services.