Support Your Local Public Radio Station In Northwest Indiana

Nov 29, 2017

'Tis the season of giving!


Our Winter Membership Campaign is underway, and we're aiming BIG! Our goal for this year-end drive is $70,000, and we know that we can get there, with your support.


Annually, Lakeshore Public Radio - 89.1 FM's budget is $374,752.00. We run a very tight budget for radio, stretching each dollar as far as possible. During each budget cycle we examine the costs of programming, the costs of memberships, and so much more. In determining where your dollars are going, we can determine what is the most important to you, our listeners.


When breaking down the budget, we receive 14.9% of our funding from Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations (IPBS), and 28.5% from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Totaling those grant dollars up gives us 43.4% of our budget covered. 18% of our budget is also covered by corporate support (if you own a business, and would like to underwrite, please call us, now! 219-756-5656).


Now, where does the other 38% of support come from?


It comes from you, our members, which is why we've got such a big goal for this year-end drive. Lakeshore Public Radio - 89.1 FM currently has around 300 active members, who are a vital part of our organization. But, the truth is 300 active members isn't enough to continue to sustain Lakeshore Public Radio. As you all know, we fell short in our close-the-gap campaign from July-September of this year. Though, despite that we heard from so many people who now rely on public media news and information in this time of "Fake News" and massive disinformation being ever present, to remain educated, informed, and updated about the communities and the world around them.


That's why we at Lakeshore Public Media (our staff, our Board of Directors, and Community Advisory Board) are deeply committed to continuing to provide Northwest Indiana with award-winning, quality local news, talk, information, and entertainment.


We ask you, who have not given before, or in quite awhile, to give now. Your tax-deductible donation has the most impact now for not only Lakeshore Public Radio, but for you as well.