Talkin' with Covenant Christian's Chris Beezhold

Apr 4, 2018

This scenario has played out in hundreds of driveway basketball courts throughout Indiana:  young son takes on dad in one on one hoops (with mom somewhere in the house hoping and praying that dad doesn't wear the poor kid out). Dad gets the early advantage before eventually, the son gets older, stronger and sure enough, mom's new worry is that the son doesn't wear the old dad out.  But through it all, dad and mom (and a firm belief in God) help Covenant Christian's Chris Beezhold become one of the best senior players in the region.  So good in fact that he was selected to play in the Circle of Men all star basketball game Saturday at Calumet High school.  Lakeshore Sports 219 had a chance to talk with the Beezhold family about the importance of hoops, family, and God.