UIndy Launches Addiction Counseling Programs

Apr 5, 2018

The University of Indianapolis’ new addiction counseling programs are in response to a need in Indiana.

Currently, Indiana has too few behavioral health specialists to address mental health needs. And only 10 percent of this group focus specifically on addiction.

College of Applied Behavioral Sciences Dean Anita Thomas says most current behavioral health programs don’t offer enough training specializing in addiction.

“Those programs include some coursework in addictions,” Thomas says. “This particular masters degree, as we’ve developed it, really entails addiction-specific training.”

Thomas says the multidisciplinary program aims to address all the effects of addiction.

“It doesn’t just affect the individual with the addiction,” Thomas says. “It really also impacts the family, it impacts the children, the communities, their workplaces. ”

The certificate program offers additional training for people who work in fields impacted by addiction.

The programs start in the fall.