Valparaiso High School Principal Resigns

Nov 6, 2017

Former Valparaiso High School Principal Reid Amones
Credit Twitter

VALPARAISO - Valparaiso High School Principal Reid Amones quit his job suddenly on Monday.  Valparaiso Community Schools Associate Superintendent Dr. Julie Lauck said Amones resigned for personal and professional reasons.

"His reasoning for his resignation was to recharge and pursue some other professional and personal options," Lauck said.

Lakeshore Public Radio asked Lauck if Amones resigned for any adverse reasons, such as problems with students.

"Not to my knowledge, we're going by what he says on his resignation," Lauck said.

The resignation is effective immediately and the school board will accept Amones' resignation at its next board meeting. With the sudden vacancy, school administrators had to do some shuffling of staff.

"Right now we have moved up Dr. (Verconica) Tobon and she will be the interim principal, Lauck says. And Mr. Allison will replace Dr. Tobon and he will be interim associate principal and then we'll be moving someone in the assistant principal to replace Mr. Allison. So we'll get all the holes filled."

Lauck says administration will open the position when the time comes and will likely interview for a new principal by the end of the school year, but in the meantime Valparaiso Community Schools will conduct business as usual utilizing its interim team.

Valparaiso High School Coach Dave Coyle also resigned during the school year, on Wednesday, October 25th.  Lauck says she did not know why the coach left the job, but to her knowledge it was not related to Amones' resignation.

"I do not have any of that information.  I know that he submitted his resignation to Dr. Frataccia and that too was accepted by Dr. Frataccia."

Luack says she believes the interim principal and the athletic director will begin interviewing for the football coach position by the start of the new year in January.