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Indiana’s Inspector General will investigate sexual misconduct allegations against Attorney General Curtis Hill.

Lori Torres announced Friday her office will look into the accusations after the governor and legislative leaders requested the inquiry. 

House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) says he’s still not prepared to move forward with a total abortion ban in Indiana. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) says he’s still not prepared to move forward with a total abortion ban in Indiana.

That’s even as many believe a new balance on the U.S. Supreme Court could overturn Roe v. Wade.

A growing number of voices are calling for Attorney General Curtis Hill to resign after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced against the Republican state official. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Gov. Eric Holcomb and legislative leaders Rep. Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) and Sen. David Long (R-Fort Wayne) joined the growing number of voices Thursday calling for Republican Attorney General Curtis Hill to resign.

The top state republicans made their calls three days after sexual misconduct allegations against Hill became public.

Volunteers at a Randolph County food pantry spent their time with US Sen. Todd Young (R-Indiana) asking him not to vote to reduce federal food assistance programs through the next version of the federal Farm Bill.  As IPR’s Stephanie Wiechmann reports, Young visited several service agencies in Winchester.

Indiana Social Worker Recognized With National Award

Jul 5, 2018
(Photo provided by Kimber Nicoletti-Martinez)
Lauren Chapman

Indiana Judge Among Finalists for Nomination to Supreme Court

Jul 5, 2018

President Donald Trump is expected to announce his nominee for Justice Anthony Kennedy’s soon-to-be vacant Supreme Court seat on Monday.

Former Notre Dame law professor, Judge Amy Coney Barrett is one of three finalists for the nomination. Brian Paul is an appellate lawyer who argues cases before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals where Barrett serves. He says she is a strong candidate for the position.

Gov. Eric Holcomb hasn't said anything about allegations Curtis Hill groped four women since Holcomb returned home to Indiana from a vacation. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Gov. Eric Holcomb won’t say whether Attorney General Curtis Hill should resign after accusations he groped four women.

Holcomb hasn’t said anything about the situation since returning to Indiana from vacation.

Tyler Lake / WFIU/WTIU News

  New regulations for Cannabidiol or CBD are meant to help consumers and law enforcement.

CBD has been legal in Indiana since March, but now it’s required to come with a QR code. It’s a type of bar code that can be scanned by a smartphone, which will take you to a page with information about the product.

Rare Bee That's New To Indiana Found In Avon

Jul 3, 2018
A female Andrea uvulariae. Robert Jean says the females have black faces and the males have yellow faces. (USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Laboratory/Wikimedia Commons)
Rebecca Thiele

Andrena uvulariae is a native bee that's attracted to bellwort flowers – small, yellow, and close to the ground – where this bee likes to live. 

(Stan Jastrzebski/WBAA)
Lauren Chapman

A Purdue University professor has developed technology he hopes will make fireworks safer.

Madras Maiden Visits Elkhart For The Weekend

Jul 3, 2018
Barbara Anguiano / WVPE

It’s a stuffy summer’s day at the Elkhart Municipal Airport. The only shade available is under the wing of a massive Boeing B-17 that’s just landed on the tarmac. John Shuttleworth is a volunteer pilot with the Liberty Foundation in Oklahoma, which flies the plane around the country, giving access to hundreds of aircraft aficionados, or anyone interested in any way with the Second World War. The multi-engine B-17 is part of the  Foundation’s 2018 Salute to Veterans Tour.  

Attorney General Curtis Hill has been accused of groping four women – three legislative staffers and one lawmaker. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Lauren Chapman

Attorney General Curtis Hill has been accused of groping four women – three legislative staffers and a lawmaker – at a post-session party in March.

Hill denies allegations, and in a statement, he questions the fairness of an investigation initiated by legislative leaders into the accusations.

Swine Flu Variant Present In Indiana

Jul 3, 2018
Jill Sheridan

Health officials are concerned about the pig flu – or H3N2 variant – virus’s ability to mutate. This is the first time in nearly five years the virus has been reported in the state. 

Delaware County Revokes Permit For CAFO

Jul 2, 2018

A Delaware County man will no longer be allowed to open a farm with more than 10,000 hogs. Late last week, the county rejected Rhett Light’s permit for a concentrated animal feeding operation or CAFO. It was approved by the county in May. 

(Courtesy Duke Energy)
Lauren Chapman

Duke Energy says it will reduce the cost of power for its Indiana customers with the changes taking effect more than eight months after last year’s Republican tax bill mandated them.

At a press conference environmentalists and others opposed the EPA's plans to roll back clean car standards (Rebecca Thiele/IPB News)
Lauren Chapman

A former Environmental Protection Agency employee, two Indiana lawmakers, and environmentalists opposed the EPA’s plans to change clean car standards at a press conference Monday. The standards require new cars and light trucks build after 2025 to get about 50 miles to the gallon.

Independent evaluator Paul Vincent (center left) and DCS Director Terry Stigdon (center right) discuss DCS issues with Indiana's Legislative Council. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) says he’s “disturbed” previous administrations ignored reports on the Department of Child Services.

Democratic lawmakers question whether this time will be different.

Adopted Hoosiers Celebrate New Open Records Law

Jul 2, 2018
Barbara Brosher / WFIU/WTIU News

A group of Indiana residents who were adopted came together Monday to celebrate a new lawthat gives them access to their birth records. The law went into effect July 1.

A parent surrendered a newborn baby Sunday evening to firefighters at the Decatur Township Fire Department. Under the Indiana Safe Haven Law, passed in 2000, parents may anonymously surrender their unharmed newborn at any fire station without fear of criminal prosecution.

Hundreds gathered outside the Indiana Statehouse to protest the Trump administration's immigration policies. (Brandon Smith/IPB News)
Lauren Chapman

End family separation: that was the message of hundreds gathered in Indianapolis Saturday.

The event was one of dozens across the country this weekend to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies.

Zach Bernard/WBOI News

Indiana’s Department of Homeland Security is working with several health providers in Northeast Indiana to develop effective active shooter training and strategies, and how to best present them to the public.

Laws That Go Into Effect On July 1

Jun 29, 2018

Summer in Indiana means a long list of new laws that go into effect on July 1.

The 2018 legislative session was historic on a few fronts, but the most significant new laws went into effect immediately, including legalized alcohol sales on Sundays and the sale of cannabidiol, or CBD oil.

But Hoosiers should be aware of the laws that become official on Sunday:

Murder charge for death of a fetus

Wet Wipes Cause Sewer Backups In Indiana, Nationally

Jun 29, 2018

Bathroom wet wipes may not be flushable after all. They’re clogging sewers in the state and sending taxpayer money down the drain. As more cities face this issue, experts argue over which products to blame.

Counties Grapple With Addressing, Preventing Hepatitis A

Jun 28, 2018
Steve Burns / WFIU/WTIU News

Spike In Hepatitis A Cases At Jail Put Clark County On High Alert

When people walk into the Clark County Health Department’s clinic, one of the first things they see are stacks of pamphlets and fact sheets explaining Hepatitis A.

Hospital birthing room. (Becca Costello/WFIU)
Jill Sheridan

A new program to help women who are addicted to opioids and their newborn babies will launch in Indianapolis and aims to fill a gap in treatment services.

The Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation is granting more than $840,000 to address the problem. President and CEO Claire Fiddian-Green says Care Plus is patient-focused.

New suicide prevention training requirements for teachers officially go into effect July 1 as one piece of a statewide plan to increase suicide awareness and prevention.

Judge Halts Indiana's Latest Anti-Abortion Law

Jun 28, 2018
A federal judge says Indiana’s latest anti-abortion law is likely too vague to enforce. (Lauren Chapman/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

A federal judge says Indiana’s latest anti-abortion law is likely too vague to enforce.

The judge Thursday temporarily halted the state’s new abortion complication reporting law from taking effect.

Federal courts directed the Indiana Supreme Court to give guidance on this question -- whether or not daily fantasy sports companies can use athletes’ names and likenesses. (Peter Balonon-Rosen/IPB News)
Brandon Smith

Federal courts directed the Indiana Supreme Court to give guidance on this question – whether or not daily fantasy sports companies can use athletes’ names and likenesses.

The state's high court considered that question at a hearing Thursday.

The annual Farm Bill – now on the U.S. Senate floor – adds additional funding to help farmers in response to the Trump administration's international trade wars.

U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) says the bipartisan effort in the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry will help Hoosier farmers combat lower profits.

“We have included additional funding, for the export programs,” Donnelly says.

In 2018 Kids Count, Indiana Ranks In The Middle

Jun 27, 2018
(Annie E. Casey Foundation's 2018 Kids Count Data Book)
Lauren Chapman

Hoosier children continue to rank in the middle of the pack when it comes to overall wellbeing at 28th, the same as last year.