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Reflecting Upon the Music and Career of Late Jazz Guitar Great Larry Coryell


This program originally was broadcast on March 1, 2017.


This was a special broadcast done in memory of jazz guitar great LARRY CORYELL and includes special guest John Lappen, who was Larry's friend and his pubicist.

The godfather of fusion as many called him, was a guest on my radio program this past November and I found Larry to be as nice a person as he was a gifted  guitarist.   During my chat with Larry, which regrettably has become one of his last full radio interviews, we spoke of his time with some of the giants of jazz, his new album and so much more.  This program offers a little insight into the man behind the music from his good friend and I feature Larry himself in a handful of short audio clips from the last interview, clips that highlighted our November chat.

    Tom Lounges has been a region radio personality and a music journalist since 1979. For the last 35-years, he has been reporting on entertainment as a weekly columnist and feature writer for The Times newspaper. He was also publisher and editor of the monthly tri-state entertainment magazine ("Midwest BEAT Magazine") for over two decades, he has written hundreds of features for numerous national glossy magazines over the decades, and he wrote "Liner Notes" for over a dozen albums release by Sony Records.