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Casual Fridays April 14th, 2017


Jerry’s recent column on the “No More Secrets” campaign in Northwest Indiana, which reaches and rescues child victims of sexual abuse, also introduced readers to Isha Haley.

The 35-year-old sexual abuse survivor from East Chicago shares her harrowing story with area students, who are responding to her candor and openness. So far, more than 70 students have come forward to report abuse after listening to Haley’s inspiring words.

On today’s show, we welcome Isha Haley into our studio to share her story and, more importantly, her efforts to reach even more children at risk of being abused. They’re out there, too many of them, victimized by too many secrets.

We will also chat with a representative from the Museum of Science and Industry about its celebration of National Robotics Week, taking place again this weekend, where guests can interact with cutting-edge bots during a variety of activities and competitions.

Also, what is it that determines our political leanings to the left or right, liberal or conservative - is it more nature than nurture? Age related? Cultural? Family based? Hardship? Innate beliefs? We’ll explore this issue.

And, with Easter Sunday just two days away, Jerry will read his column about Easter’s meaning for different believers – AND non-believers.

Also, when an anonymous source tells a newspaper columnist that two county cops got into a serious fistfight at a cemetery in the middle of the night – while on duty – my kneejerk response sounded just as comical. “Pull this one,” I replied sarcastically, pointing to my leg. “It plays Jingle Bells.” Turns out it actually happened.

Plus, Jerry did his best to watch Monday night’s home opener of the Chicago Cubs. He couldn’t do it. He’ll explain why. All that and more on today’s show. If you want to join the discussion or offer a counter view to ours, feel free to call in 769-9577. But first…