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Mitch Michaels: A Radio Memories Cruise on "Midwest BEAT" plus... Benny Turner & Dr. Sandy Kapoor


In the second part of this program, host Tom Lounges chats with DR. SANDY KAPOOR about his new book -- "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor: My Life Before, During and After Anna Nicole Smith" -- and veteran bluesman BENNIE TURNER

This edition of "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on FRIDAY,  SEPTEMBER 15, 2017

Musical Guests:  

Radio Personality/Author: MITCH MICHAELS (Live In-Studio)

Author KEN CHURILLA (Live In-Studio)

Author/Bluesman : BENNY TURNER (2017 Chicago Blues Hall of Fame Inductee)

Book Author: DR. SANDEEP (SANDY) KAPOOR (Anna Nicole Smith's Doctor)

The first half of the program features an in-studio chat with longtime Chicago radio personality and rock jock MITCH MICHAELS, about his new memoir, "Doin' the Cruise: Memories Of A Lifetime in Radio and Rock & Roll" (Eckhartz Press).  Michaels wrote the  book with assistance from Highland resident/author KEN CHURILLA, who is also be in studio to discuss the book.

This program also features a follow-up chat with blues icon BENNY TURNER, the younger brother of blues legend Freddie King, about his new album paying tribute to his late brother and his own upcoming induction into the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame.

Also featured on this program is an interview with DR. SANDEEP (Sandy) KAPOOR -- a well-respected primary care physician with a thriving practice whose life changed the morning of October 12, 2007, when he was implicated in the death his patient, reality star Anna Nicole Smith.   After a long and costly legal battle, Dr. Kapoor was acquitted on all charges and exonerated.  Now a decade later, Dr. Kapoor tells his story in his new book, "TRUST ME, I’M A DOCTOR - My Life Before, During and After Anna Nicole Smith," a candid account of his journey and the perils of celebrity and excess.   Host Tom Lounges also talks with Dr. Kapoor about another of his famous patients, Ronnie James Dio, and about the nation's current opioid crisis. 

Tom Lounges has been a region radio personality and a music journalist since 1979. For the last 35-years, he has been reporting on entertainment as a weekly columnist and feature writer for The Times newspaper. He was also publisher and editor of the monthly tri-state entertainment magazine ("Midwest BEAT Magazine") for over two decades, he has written hundreds of features for numerous national glossy magazines over the decades, and he wrote "Liner Notes" for over a dozen albums release by Sony Records.