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The World According to Black Women Photographers: On the Radar featuring Tyesha Moores


Female Chicago photographer, Tyesha Moores breaks barriers in the world of race and art. Lakeshore Public Radio's Sarah Opat features guest, Moores "On the Radar" to talk about where the passion began. 

Moores, a 22 year old artist dips into a bold style of art. "Best known for her conscious African American identity photography work Moores delves into the unknown of the culture varying from textured hair, dialect, and colorism. Influenced by the current state of racism and the events that followed in America she writes her own narrative of what Black beauty is."

She pairs part of her work with striking colors in fashion to discuss dated thoughts on skin color while others visualize a snapshot style in black and white with humor as the intro to educate on the latest slang. 

Creating art from her experiences growing up on the west side of Chicago, Moores' wants to "introduce the black side of fine art" to her peers that she feels was absent in her youth.

"The best part about Moores is the volume her art speaks. Her art speaks to the masses. An elegant language written with color, light and soul," said Opat.

"This 22 year old artist, Moores shares her major talent with the world of art and social activism," said Opat.

Moores stands ready to take her style and photography across the board.

"I'm imagining more exhibits from New York to Los Angeles and publications printing her works left and right," said Opat.

"The ambition within Moores shines through in each of her featured works in the photyegraphy series," said Opat. 

The power behind an artist is not only to create, but to go beyond the self and send a message to the viewers a clear message to the eyes and souls within the world.

"Moores challenges society to shift the conditioned perspective of African American identity photography work and breathe in the fresh, bold, and innovative style. Her art is bold and professionally intriguing," said Opat.

"Moores' African American identity photography work allows society to see an exquisite perception of beauty in a fresh, bold, light," said Opat.  

Moores also shares the importance of inspiration, facing challenges, and the positive impact of sisterhood within the radio interview.

Listen to the full radio interview and jam out to the featured tunes. All music within the interview supports the beauty and the imagination within the brain of Moores. 

Moores featured in a growing number in of photo exhibitions (eight to count), one solo show, an article in NY Times featured the book Moores was chosen to be in with 100 black female photogs, and accomplished being published before the age of 22 while having a 20 page spread in a fine art magazine with more exhibits coming up in Chicago, Illinois. 

See more of Moores' art here:  http://www.photyegraphy.com/

Tyesha Moores
Tyesha Moores.


Twitter: @tictactye
Snapchat: @photyegraphy

The name is Sarah Opat. She produces and hosts Lakeshore Public Radio segment, "On the Radar" on 89.1 FM.
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