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What's behind the student exodus from public schools?

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Bishop Noll Institute
Bishop Noll Institute Principal Lorenza Jara-Pastrick

At the height of the pandemic parents' eyes were opened to every aspects of their children's education, especially in regard to curriculum. And as some public schools extended virtual-only instruction for the fall 2020 school year many families made the decision to remove their kids from the public school system they once held at high esteem. Lakeshore Public Radio's Dee Dotson spoke with Bishop Noll Institute (BNI) Principal Lorenza Jara-Pastrick about how her school enrollment has grown over the last two years.

As co-host and producer of Regionally Speaking, Dee is responsible for connecting with northwest Indiana community newsmakers to share their stories with the Lakeshore Public Radio listening audience. She believes in the power of storytelling to engage, teach and change lives. Prior to working at Lakeshore Public Radio, Dee enjoyed giving of her time, talent and resources to various community organizations. Dee believes in servant leadership and her favorite quote is Leadership is service not position by Tim Fargo.