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Regionally Speaking: What is behind Indiana's brain drain?

Regionally Speaking Brain Drain with Chris Chyung
United States Congress Joint Economic Committee

How many are familiar with the term brain drain? Brain drain is simply the export of highly trained and skilled people to other parts of the country. But what are the effects of brain drain on the state of Indiana and NWI in particular? The Indiana Chamber of Commerce recently released a report called “Indiana’s Leaking Talent Pipeline” and the report determined the Hoosier state needs to “lift up the educational attainment and workforces skills of its citizenry.” Lakeshore Public Radio's Dee Dotson and Tom Maloney speak with Chris Chyung a millennial and the the senior campaign manager for the State House to White House Initiative at the Center for American Progress. As a member of the Indiana House of Representatives, Chyung served on the committees for Veterans Affairs and Public Safety, Roads and Transportation, and Financial Institutions; and he was ranking minority member of the Local Government Committee.

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