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All IN - 5/12/20 - Virtual Prom: Celebrating Milestones During A Pandemic Inbox x


Most 2020 graduates didn't envision streaming commencement ceremonies and virtual proms, but communities across Indiana have found creative ways to celebrate their accomplishments.

We talk to high school seniors about the lessons they’ve learned from a semester interrupted, and a mother tells us how her community used porch lights and gift baskets to recognize their seniors. And while most students won’t walk across a stage this year, we hear about one group of seniors that will drive across the finish line at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway instead.

Produced by Maggie Gelon. 


Natalie Khamis
Senior, Carmel High School

Riya Chinni
Senior, Carmel High School

Jenni Gleason Pause
Organizer, “Celebrating Crown Point Class of 2020”

Luke Zartman
Principal, Speedway High School 

Lore’al Avery
Senior, IUPUI

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