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State Health Commissioner: Halloween Can Be Safe With Precautions


Indiana’s state health commissioner said she believes there is a safe way that Hoosiers can enjoy Halloween this fall amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Decisions on whether to allow trick-or-treating this year are handled by local officials. And Dr. Kris Box said if the COVID-19 data in the community is at good levels, there’s no reason to cancel Halloween – while still recognizing that some precautions are important.

“It’s about washing your hands carefully, right?" Box said. "It’s about not letting your kids dig into that pumpkin, in that bucket, and eat it as they’re walking around unless their hands have been washed.”

Box said people passing out candy also need to keep COVID-19 precautions in mind.

“Rather than have a thousand kids reach into the bucket, you could probably have the person there at the door that’s passing it out who just washed or cleaned their hands – and then put it into individuals’ buckets,” Box said.

Box did caution against throwing big Halloween parties with lots of people – including children – present at one time.

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