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Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn just recently came out and its receiving….mixed reviews. Theres something about Live Action Adaptations that keep people talking, whether you be a hardcore purist of the orginal design, or Just an average movie goer. So come Nerd Out on the next Region Nerd Alert! Every Saturday at 7pm right here on lakeshore public radio 89.1 fm

Join Tom Lounges as he talks to long time friend and talented musician Keith Jackson of Triple Dos right here on Midwest Beat! 

So a little while ago we had an episode talking about the hype around disney plus and if it were indeed big enough to dethrone the streaming giant Netflix. Well the cold streaming war sort of fizzled, but 2020 is a big year for both Netflix and Disney plus with new shows premiering really soon. Come nerd out on the next region nerd alert as we discuss streaming for 2020 this saturday at 7pm right here on lakeshore public radio 89.1 fm.

Join Chef Nick as he has on Capriotti's the sandwich specialists on this edition of Let's Eat!

Join Tom Lounges as he once again plays his top 10 of the year right here on this edition of Midwest Beat!

Join Chef Nick as he is joined with the lovely ladies of 18th Street Brewing to talk spirits and beer on this week's Let's Eat.   

West Coast Blues sound that brings a "Lighter Side" of the Blues! We have Val Star  call in from California to the studio to talk music with Tom Lounges! 

SuperBowl is next Sunday so we here at Region Nerd Alert thought we’d shine some light on an already popular Athletic event, E Sports! Competitive Video Games have been increasing in popularity with cash prize pools that rival any competition, here's a hint, it can reach the  10’s of millions! We talk turkey and share those games that turn friends into enemies on this week’s Region Nerd alert!

Come join Chef Nick as he gets on track for a healthy New Year with the help of Sunrise Foods on this healthy edition of "Let's Eat"

Brad Toth and Richard Dean of "Thrill of the Hunt" join Tom Lounges on Midwest Beat to talk about collectibles and how nostalgia is alive an well!

Join Chef Nick as he chats with a healthier side of food On the Corner of Sweet & Potato in Studio on this edition of Let's Eat!

"Almost Heaven: John Denver's America"  written and adapted by Peter Glazer and directed by Linda Fortunato, is a musical tribute and intimate celebration of John Denver's life and career. We have Steven Romero Schaeffer & Sarah Geist in studio to talk about thier roles and Linda Fortunato via phone on this edition of Midwest Beat! 

Conventions for an Attendee can be super fun, but how much does it take to really put it all together? Ticketing, booking guests, putting together panels and events, there is a lot of work that goes into making that comic con a success. We are joined with Brain Grabinski, founder and showrunner of NWI Comic Con to talk about the ins and outs of putting on conventions and also how one of the regions biggest conventions got its start on this weeks Region Nerd Alert!

There are tons of video game genres out there from Shoot em Ups to Farming Simulators. But one genre took you into a world of fantasy and combined elements of Dungeons and Dragons with a plethora of animated worlds. Role Playing Games, or RPG’s have been a staple of video games for the longest time and we here at Region Nerd Alert delve into the world of RPG’s!

Join Chef Nick as he gets in the new year, new me spirit and talks with the folks down at Baum's on this edition of Let's Eat!

Shane Evans tells us upcoming events from the up and coming Hobart Art Theatre and how its evolved over the years from a movie theatre, to a full fledged concert venue on Midwest Beat!

Eric Lambert and Char this Sunday January 12th! Hear them on the show live with Tom Lounges!

In studio newly elected Gary Mayor Jerome Prince will discuss his administration, as well as Ed Chevere who is a Chicago Resident living in Puerto Rico to report on the situation after the devastating earthquakes all on this episode of Off Mic.

On the next episode of Region Nerd Alert, we present you a potpourri of episodes if you will. We give the low down on an upcoming con we are attending, future plans for 2020, and we may even have some impromptu karaoke. Thank you for listening to the show and come round out the year with us on this episode of Region Nerd Alert.

BritBeat come to the Hobart Art Theatre! Come see a truly one of a kind Beatles experience where they blend multimedia with live music to create a museum of performance that you don't want to miss! 

Yugioh, Pokemon, Beyblade, Magic the Gathering, Pogs, Mighty Beanz. If any of those words mean anything to you, you probably had a fat collection (to the demise of your parents wallets) Other than being cards, toys, or other miscellaneous tiny items, many of these either stemmed from or was adapted into another facet of pop culture whether it be a tv show or a whole video game series. Come nerd our on Region Nerd Alert!

"In February 1976, Skafish and his band made their Chicago debut and forever changed the Chicago music scene. The early Skafish performances are considered to be the birth of Chicago Punk. From the beginning, Skafish startled, delighted, and appalled an unsuspecting public, often causing violent reactions. From an aesthetic perspective, the art was both genre-defining and genre-defying. This seeming contradiction has caused many to consider Skafish decades ahead of his time. Skafish has been acknowledged as Chicago’s punk, new wave, alternative and indie Godfather.

The holiday season is upon us! For many that means indoor activities, such as binging some classics or watching something entirely new, which translates to Netflix or Hulu binge. But now that  Disney Plus is out, it adds to the lists of hours of entertainment at our fingertips. So here at Region Nerd Alert, we give our opinions on the plethora of streaming services, as well as recommendations of our favorite movies and shows on this Region Nerd Alert.


Join Chef Nick as he sips on wormwood and eats some delicious Polish food as we have Ivy's Bohemia House on this edition of Let's Eat!

So now that Robert Eggers new film, The LightHouse, has been out for a couple of weeks now,  we here at region nerd alert try to analyze it like we do. It's essentially a movie starring Willam Dafoe and Robert Pattinson who play lighthouse keepers in the late 19th century dealing with the woes of the sea, isolation, and... birds. Come nerd out on Region Nerd Alert!

Join Chef Nick as he chats with with the people over at Cousins Subs about their delicious subs on this edition of Let's Eat! 

Join Chef Nick as he chats with the people over at Sandwhich City about their delicious Region Sandwhiches on this edition of Let's Eat!

Fresh Hops are back in the studio to chat with Tom Lounges about future prospects on this edition of Midwest Beat!

Magic from the Asylum new October special!