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The holiday season is upon us! For many that means indoor activities, such as binging some classics or watching something entirely new, which translates to Netflix or Hulu binge. But now that  Disney Plus is out, it adds to the lists of hours of entertainment at our fingertips. So here at Region Nerd Alert, we give our opinions on the plethora of streaming services, as well as recommendations of our favorite movies and shows on this Region Nerd Alert.


Join Chef Nick as he sips on wormwood and eats some delicious Polish food as we have Ivy's Bohemia House on this edition of Let's Eat!

So now that Robert Eggers new film, The LightHouse, has been out for a couple of weeks now,  we here at region nerd alert try to analyze it like we do. It's essentially a movie starring Willam Dafoe and Robert Pattinson who play lighthouse keepers in the late 19th century dealing with the woes of the sea, isolation, and... birds. Come nerd out on Region Nerd Alert!

Join Chef Nick as he chats with with the people over at Cousins Subs about their delicious subs on this edition of Let's Eat! 

Join Chef Nick as he chats with the people over at Sandwhich City about their delicious Region Sandwhiches on this edition of Let's Eat!

Fresh Hops are back in the studio to chat with Tom Lounges about future prospects on this edition of Midwest Beat!

Magic from the Asylum new October special!

It's that time of year again! Theatre at the Centre announces it's new year's lineup and this time its for 2020!! Join Tom Lounges as he talks to the great folks at TATC on this edition of Midwest Beat!

Stop.Drop.Rewind. has NEW content out and are trying some different ideas find out all about it on this edition of Midwest Beat!

The blending of performance, art, femininity, comedy, sexuality, and music, you'll probably have to go to 3 or maybe 4 different shows to satisfy your entertainment needs. But if you have ever been to a drag show, you know the queens can mix it up. Join us on the next Region Nerd Alert as we have on two up and coming Region Drag Queens Anita Rhyde Holme- Dupree and Ivana...well you'll have to listen to the show to hear the full name. Come nerd out this Saturday at 7pm right here on lakeshore public radio 89.1fm

Join Chef Nick as he chats baking and treats with the good ladies as Goldstar Bakery on this edition of Let's Eat!

Join Chef Nick as he talks roasts, pour overs, expresso, ristretto...yep you guessed it coffee on this edition of Let's Eat!!


When it comes to creating a horror movie, there are many elements of the scare. Scary Monsters, Believable Makeup and CGI, and of course a bone chilling story. The same goes for horror style video games but the difference is instead of making an hour thirty movie, they have to create much longer scenarios involving the main character which you usually have to control.Today we have indie game developer Leo Riveron to discuss the ins and out of  horror style video games on this edition of Region Nerd Alert!

Remember when you used to sit down with your Grandmother drinking soda playing Uno and watching Wheel of Fortune? Or maybe youre playing cards against humanity and the funniest thing you’ve ever heard is your best memory you can think of. Well at the center of all that happiness is a creative individual bringing you a tabletop game to ground your nostalgia of kicking it with your friends and eating cheetos. Today we have one of those creative individuals to create new memories and his name is Jason Anarchy of Anarchy Games! Come roll for initiative  and nerd out on this eiditon of Region Nerd Alert!  

Join Tom Lounges as he talks to the owner of Green Door Books and Grant Fitch, actor extraordinare for a spooky episode of Midwest Beat!

Join Chef Nick as he chats with the guys down at Marco's Pizza on this saucy edition of Let's Eat!

The candles are lit, you’re in your nook, you just made some earl grey tea. The sun just went down and you have your favorite spooky book, ready to read.We all enjoy a good scare on the tv or the theatre, but there's something about the imagination that is unrivaled in making monsters real and all your nightmares a reality. Join us today on Region Nerd Alert as we talk about some of our favorite literary works, from poe to Lovecraft, King to Ito. Come nerd out on Region Nerd Alert.

Elm Street. Crystal Lake. Raccoon City. Teddy Bear Junction. These are just some places you don't wanna end up. But there is one place that can be darker and more horrific than all of those combined, and that my fellow nerds, is THE INTERNET. We delve into some internet horror stories from Creepypasta, Youtube, Reddit, and even the dreaded 4chan. Today on Region Nerd Alert we check the batteries of our flashlights, and make sure our computer has the proper virus protection as we take a trip to cyberspace on this weeks Region Nerd Alert.

Join host Chef Nick as he chats with the experts over at Merrillville Farms on this edition of Let’s Eat!

The Ring, The Grudge, One Missed Call, Dark Waters. Well all those movies are part of a subgenre of horror movies known as Jhorror or Japanese Horror. The origins of Japanese horror can be traced to ghost story classics of the Edo period and the Meiji period, which were also known as kaidan. Elements of several of these popular folktales have been worked into the stories of modern films, especially in the traditional nature of the Japanese ghost. We here at Region Nerd Alert put our research caps on and delved into what is widely known as J-Horror. Nerd Out with us on a special spooky episode of Region Nerd Alert. 

 Join Chef Nick as hits the seven seas and has some delicios seafood from Mcgowan and Sons on this edition of "Let's Eat"

Come Join Tom Lounges as he talks to the director and cinematographer of Indie Film of "Bleed American",  A bold portrait of misguided youth as they learn the cruelties of life and love in the American Midwest. 

Let's Eat: Radius

Sep 13, 2019

Join Chef Nick as he chats with the lovely family over at Radius as he enjoys some great comfort food and great drinks on this edition of "Let's Eat"

Join Tom Lounges as he talks Buddy Holly with Tribute Artists "Rave On!" on this week's Midwest Beat!

Let's Eat: Abbiocco

Sep 6, 2019

  Join Chef Nick as he samples some amazing homemmade Italian food from Abbicco on this edition of "Let's Eat!" Ciao!

Join Chef Nick as he sits down with the guys down at Dicky's Dogs out of Lowell! Enjoy some Chicago Style hot dogs on this edition of Let's Eat!

Sophie Huber takes us on a journey through time in her brand new documentary about the history of the legendary jazz label that inspired not only contemporary jazz but the current hip hop artist and producers of this generation. Sophie and Tom discuss the documentary and more on this edition of Midwest Beat. 

Come grab a slice of some great pizza and seafood from Flamingo Pizza! Chef Nick chats and grubs some ZA on this edition of "Let's Eat" 


Aug 16, 2019

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