Kristin Dreyer Kramer

Kristin Dreyer Kramer is a writer. Or at least that's what she likes to think she is. Most of the time, though, she feels like she's more of a reader. And an editor. And a proof-reader. And a rewriter.

Kristin now spends her waking hours (and a few of her non-waking hours) working as a freelance writer and the editor-in-chief of the entertainment ezine, Each month, she writes an entertainment column for the Women's Independent Press, an independent newspaper, and is featured in Explore!, a magazine that's distributed around the national parks near Bozeman, Montana. Kristin has been widely published in a number of other publications, both in print and online, and has won a number of awards, including Top Ten Publication Editor (fifth place out of over a hundred) in the 2002 Preditors and Editors Annual Readers' Poll and the prestigious Best Daughter Ever Award, granted to her by the Mary Dreyer Foundation.

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