Steven Lattimore

General Assignment Reporter

Columbia College Alumni Steven Lattimore has been a broadcast journalist since 1988, starting his career in Greenville, Mississippi as a television reporter.

He is now a general assignment reporter for Lakeshore Public Radio. In 2016 he won for "Best Reporter" in Metro-II for the Indiana Associated Press Association. He was also awarded "Best Enterprise Story" for his report on a Gary, IN church switching to solar panels.

Over the past 28 years he has worked from Africa to Alaska. His work has included jobs at WBBM TV Chicago and a brief stint at WBBM780 News radio.

He has also worked at stations in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Toledo Ohio, Norfolk Virginia, Tupelo Mississippi and Juneau Alaska KJUD.  Lattimore has also served at Chicago Bureau Chief for the IrishTVNetwork and as a freelance producer for WYCC Ch 20 in Chicago. He also worked at KJUD TV

Lattimore grew up on the west and south sides of Chicago and attended Visitation Grammar school and Leo High School.

He began his career at Lakeshore Public Media as a TV reporter on the Lake Shore Report news program in February of 2014. When the program was put on hiatus he was asked to come and work in the radio department. For the pas fifteen years, Lattimore has served as an Adjunct professor of Broadcast Journalism at Columbia College.

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Thousands turned out this weekend for the People's Climate Rally in Washington D.C. Among them were a bus-load of residents from East Chicago. Residents there are very concerned about the climate and the environment because they are dealing  with the effects of lead poisoning in the air, ground and water. Steven Lattimore has the story.

Help for East Chicago is pouring into the area by the truck load. The Rotarians have just delivered the largest bottled water donation to date over 40 thousand bottles of water. Steven Lattimore has the story


Another day, another water drive in East Chicago. The crisis is moving people from all over Northwest Indiana to come to the aid of residents in the Calumet neighborhood of East Chicago. Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore has the story.

Resident's in the Calumet neighborhood of East Chicago  deal with life using water filters and bottled water. Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore talks to residents to see what life is like now in this new normal...

If you are a Jackson State alum and you missed homecoming the next best thing. Jackson State versus Chicago State in a  baseball match up. As Steven Lattimore reports the Steel City Diamond Classic will make you feel like you are back on campus.

Environmental Activists take a wait and see approach to promises of help from the Environmental Protection Agency. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt made a visit to East Chicago this week, as Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore reports...

Steven Lattimore / Lakeshore Public Media

Residents from across the Midwest say they are banding together to fight for environmental justice.  They held an Anti-Trump march in downtown Chicago, on Tuesday, April 11th, to fight a proposed plan to defund the Environmental Protection Agency.  As Steven Lattimore reports, East Chicago advocacy groups were there to make their voices heard as they deal with the lead contamination crisis that has impacted residents of the West Calumet Housing Complex.

The Second Annual Civility takes time out to encourage good behavior. And as Steven Lattimore reports it might seem like something simple but organizers say the result it something special .

The City of Gary is helping anyone who wants to start a food business. They have a culinary food incubator and clients are raving about the valuable help they're getting from a successful food business in Northwest Indiana. Steven Lattimore has more.

In East Chicago the deadline for residents to move out of the lead contaminated West Calumet Housing Project is fast approaching. As Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore reports, some residents are still wondering where they are going to live and feel they are running out of options.

A new direction for the Catholic Church may be on the horizon. Pope Francis has expressed an openness to the idea of Married priests to deal with the shortage of priests, Lakeshore public radio’s Steven Lattimore has local reaction

Justice Robert Rucker is retiring from the Indiana Supreme Court in May. At a recent event in Gary for the Indiana Supreme Court we got a chance to talk to the Roosevelt high school graduate bout his life and his philosophy for success. Lakeshore Public Radio’s Steven Lattimore has the story

Throughout the year the Indiana Supreme Court travels the state to show citizens what the court is all about. They hold what’s called an, ” Oral Argument “, where they hear a case in front of an audience.  Their latest stop was in Gary where they also celebrated the retirement of Justice Robert Rucker of Gary. Lake Shore Public Radio’s Steven Lattimore was there and has the story.

East Chicago Residents band together to deal wit lead crisis Edit | Remove

In East Chicago there are several groups that that have formed to help residents get the help they need dealing with the lead crisis. As Lakeshore Public Radio’s Steven Lattimore reports, residents are making progress but there is long way to go.

According to Green Cities Incorporated Lake County has the second highest number of asthma related emergency room visits in the state. All the more reason they say, that the forty one hundred students in the East Chicago schools can benefit from a new plan to use green propane fueled school busses. As   Lakeshore Public radio’s Steven Lattimore reports school officials are making the move because the technology can save money on fuel and cut the pollution output from busses by eighty percent.

Spring cleaning has begun in Gary. Every year at this time when the cold air is replaced by warmer temperatures the  city of Gary begins their  campaign against their legendary urban blight.

The mayor says they are making progress because of help from local contractors who are donating time and resources. Steven Lattimore has the story about how  the wrecking ball is bringing hope for a better future in the steel city. 

Historically black colleges and universities were established to offer higher education degrees when  traditional colleges and universities would not allow blacks to enroll. There are 105 historically black colleges and universities in the U.S. They have produced a Nobel prize winner an astronaut and many educators. The Mayor of Gary, Karen Freeman Wilson's daughter, went to a HBCU  Howard University, and it's part of why she held a breakfast fundraisers to help support HBCU's Lakeshore public radio's Steven Lattimore has more.



 At a town hall meeting in Gary reps from mainly the northern part of lake county talked to constituents to give them an update on their work. As Lakeshore Public radio’s Steven lattimore reports Gary school funding was top of the list.

The recent financial issues with the Gary School Ccrporation has meant an uncertain future for its teachers and staff. As Lakeshore public radio’s Steven Lattimore reports some teachers are left to decide whether to stay in the Gary school system or leave for a more stable working environment in another district.

It has been a tense few days for employees at the Gary Public Schools Corporation. For several days now ,they were  not sure if they were going  to get paid because of the financial woes facing the school corporation.   State Senator Eddie Melton and Horace Mann  Alumni Brendan Khomer, worked to secure a loan to pay employees.

This time of year, Catholics mark the last day before forty days of Lenten sacrifice with Mardi Gras.  They live it up with a Polish delicacy called the Paczki.  Lakeshore’s Steven Lattimore tells us more about the sweet treat that signals the beginning of Lent.

Every year the Mayor of Gary take time to review the work she has done and plan for the future. Steven Lattimore take a look at some of the highlights of the State of the State Address .

The Urban League of North West Indiana  is offering free tax preparation for low and moderate income people. It could mean a big savings for some.  Steven Latimore has the story.

The Lake Country Council approved a bill to pay the food vendor for the Lake Country Jail. The action was taken after the council was  given assurances that book keeping issues that have delayed payments to vendors would be corrected. Lake Shore Public radio’s Steven Lattimore has the story

The rich history of African-Americans was celebrated in Gary this weekend. The program of music and education served as a reminder of how much American history was made by Africans. Lakeshore public radio’s Steven Lattimore has the story.

Senator Karen Tallian, who’s district includes Michigan City, is holding town halls to update her constituents about legislation that will impact the district.

She is also there to listen to any complaints or issues. She was in Michigan City this weekend and  our Steven Lattimore has the report.

The Lake County Indiana Sheriff and the Lake County Council are at odds over the Sheriff’s budget. The council says for the past over the past four years the Sheriffs’s office has  gone way over budget and they want to know why. At the last council meeting they put a new oversight committee in place to figure out why and come up with solutions. Lakeshore Public Radio's Steven Lattimore has the story.

Steven Lattimore / Lakeshore Public Radio

Women consumers are making their mark on the auto industry. No where is that move evident than at the Chicago Auto Show. One of the largest trends in the industry is that women impact 85 percent of the decisions about purchasing in the average house hold. As Steven Lattimore reports this means that if you are not paying attention to the needs of women you will not make the sales that move cars off the lots.