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Hoosiers Split On Redistricting Reform In Latest Ball State Survey

Brandon Smith
IPB News

Hoosiers are split over whether Indiana lawmakers should draw their own districts – as they currently do – or an independent commission should be responsible for redistricting.

That comes from the latest edition of the 600-person Ball State Hoosier Survey.

The survey shows just 46 percent of Hoosiers want an independent commission to draw the state’s district lines, while 45 percent want to keep the status quo.

It gets a lot more polarized by party affiliation. Sixty-three percent of Democrats want the independent commission, while 58 percent of Republicans want lawmakers to keep drawing their legislative districts.

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Ball State political scientist and Bowen Center for Public Affairs Managing Director Charles Taylor said that’s no surprise in a state with a GOP supermajority legislature.

“When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of how we draw it, I think people sort of retreat to what’s in the interest of their political party,” Taylor said.

The latest result is a change from 10 years ago. In 2010, 51 percent of Hoosiers wanted lawmakers to keep drawing the lines, while just 35 percent wanted reform.

Indiana legislators will redraw district lines in 2021.

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