All IN: Health Disparities Among People With Disabilities

Aug 3, 2020

Credit Herr Olsen / Flickr

Herr Olsen/Flickr
Credit photo by Jamie Trumper

The pandemic has introduced a lot of new challenges for Indiana, but it's also highlighted issues that have long existed. For people with intellectual and physical disabilities, getting in-person care can be crucial, but stay-at-home orders and a shortage of nurses have created huge problems for a lot of disabled Hoosiers. 

Today we talk about health disparities among people with disabilities, and find out what options are available for people facing discrimination.

Produced by Drew Daudelin. 


Kristin Hughes Srour
Senior Director of Global Health Programs, Special Olympics


Karen Vaughn
Quadriplegic, Advocate for People with Disabilities

Dr. Mary Ciccarelli
Professor of Clinical Medicine and Clinical Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine

Kelly Hartman
President & CEO, Insights Consulting