All IN: Indiana’s Immigrants And COVID-19

Jul 15, 2020

Credit Spurekar / Flickr

Indiana’s immigrants are often on the front lines of the pandemic working essential jobs, sometimes without sufficient protective equipment. And often those are the lucky ones. Those who have lost their jobs either can’t receive public benefits because of their status, or they aren’t comfortable doing so for fear of being labeled a public charge.

We talk to public policy experts about what that means, and how existing immigration policy affects these decisions and impacts public health. And immigration advocates tell us how they are working to bring important information to their communities. 

Produced by Matt Pelsor. 


Roxann Lawrence
Program Analyst, IU Public Policy Institute


Elle Yang
Program Analyst, IU Public Policy Institute

Jackelinna Rodriguez
Marketing & Communications Manager, Immigrant Welcome Center

Adejoke Awolusi
Legal and Naturalization Services Coordinator, Immigrant Welcome Center

Moise Duge
Executive Director, Haitian Association of Indiana