All IN: Indiana's Economic Outlook

Jul 28, 2020

Credit Justin Hicks / IPB News

The additional $600 weekly unemployment benefit provided by the federal CARES Act expired last Saturday in Indiana. The benefit acted as a lifeline for thousands of Hoosiers, and as a buoy for the greater economy. And now, as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to climb in the state, many businesses have had to pause their reopening, if not take a step back.

What will this mean for workers who can’t go back to work yet, and are facing a thinner safety net? And what do workers and businesses need to make it through?

Produced by Maggie Gelon.


Justin Hicks
Workforce Development Reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting

Kyle Anderson
Clinical Professor of Business Economics, Indiana University Kelley School of Business

Josh Richardson
Chief of Staff, Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Barbara Quandt
Indiana State Director, National Federation of Independent Business