Archdiocese Of Indianapolis School Policy Barring Trangender Students Prompts Pushback

Jul 10, 2020

Archbishop Charles Thompson and Superintendent of Catholic Schools Gina Fleming defend the Archdiocese's policy on LGBTQ teachers at Catholics schools last year.
Credit Evan Robbins / WFYI News

LGBTQ groups and Democrats at the Statehouse are pushing back against a school policy by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. The policy bars transgender students from attending schools the Archdiocese oversees

Democrats have pressed for legislation before, aimed at preventing religious schools from receiving public funding through the state's voucher program if they discriminate. 

The efforts have failed after Republicans have rejected their proposals or denied them hearings, but the Archdiocese of Indianapolis's recently unveiled policy on gender identity is causing some, like Rep. Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette) to renew calls for action. 

"The number one priority of these dollars is to educate the children in our state and that means all of our children," she said.

Organizers have also scheduled a caravan protest for Saturday to rally against the Archdiocese and its school policy excluding transgender students.

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