Attorney General Hill Responds To Disciplinary Complaint

Mar 22, 2019

Attorney General Curtis Hill’s initial response to a disciplinary complaint claims the Indiana Supreme Court doesn’t have grounds to punish him.

The state’s Disciplinary Commission filed the complaint earlier this week over Hill’s alleged groping of four women last year.

The Disciplinary Commission’s complaint against Hill says his actions violated the state’s rules of conduct for attorneys. But Hill’s attorney argues battery and sexual battery – of which the Attorney General is accused – have nothing to do with Hill’s ability to practice law. And he says those crimes don’t constitute dishonesty or a breach of trust, which are part of the attorney conduct rules.

Hill’s response also notes that a special prosecutor declined to bring charges last year after four women – including a state legislator – accused Hill of groping them.

The Indiana Supreme Court will ultimately decide whether Hill should face punishment over the disciplinary complaint. That could include suspension of his law license, which would make him ineligible to serve as Attorney General.