Bluesman NIC BYRD Visits Lakeshore Studio's "Midwest BEAT"

Nov 11, 2019

Virtuoso guitarist, NIC BYRD shown here performing "Live From The Record Bin," a weekly live concert series at Tom Lounges Record Bin in downtown Hobart broadcast in real time online in front of a live audience.
Credit George Butler

This edition of  "MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges" originally aired on TUESDAY, NOVEMEBER 11, 2019

Guest:  NIC BYRD  

For this edition of "Midwest BEAT," show host/producer Tom Lounges welcomed NWI guitar virtuoso NIC BYRD to the studio to chat about his long and varied career in music.  Although best known to most as a blues guitarist, Byrd is comfortable and fluid in a variety of genres and styles of music. 

Byrd's career began as a young child, and while just in his teens he performed live at the famed Apollo Theater.  During his visit to the show, he will reflect on that experience and other aspects and highlights of his long musical journey.  Nic will also perform live on air in between the interview segments, spotlighting a few of his original songs.  

After this show, folks will have a broader view of the depth of Byrd's playing and his influences.  From blues, to gospel, to rock and beyond.  Nic Byrd impresses with both his talent and his humble view on himself and his talent.  A low key, down to earth guy who just happens to be one heck of a string bender.  

Credit George Butler