Casual Fridays June 9th, 2017

Jun 9, 2017

Jerry didn’t try to make Fabian Griffin break down in tears with his last interview question. Her mother didn’t mean to make her cry either with a final, follow-up question. What advice, Jerry asked Fabian, would she give to other young single mothers in a similar situation as her?

Griffin, who’s 30, has four young daughters. She’s never been married to the girls’ father. And she has struggled to make ends meet and find permanent housing.

"Be strong,” replied Griffin, choosing her words thoughtfully. “Choose your own way. Be your own woman. Don't follow a man.”

Her mother then asked her a more pointed, and painful, question. What would you tell yourself as a 16-year-old girl who fell in love for the first time? Griffin thought about it for a few seconds before replying.

“To run,” Griffin said with a sob. "I'd tell her to run and keep running."

Fabian, however, is SO much more than a statistical stereotype for us to conveniently judge without first meeting her. Griffin recently graduated from IUN with her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, following an associate’s degree at Ivy Tech.

She has learned from those mistakes and she has a message to share with other women in similar situations. We’ll chat with her in just one minute.

Later in the show we’ll talk about alcoholism and addiction, which will be the focus of “An evening with Neil Steinberg” later this month at Valparaiso University. The longtime Sun-Times columnist will discuss his personal journey through recovery and his latest book “Out of The Wreck I Rise.”

We will talk on the studio line with mental health and addictions expert Tracy Traut from Pink Freud's Couch in Valpo who believes “everyone is in recovery from something.” What’s YOUR addiction?

Plus, we’ll offer insights from what many social media users call an “Internet troll,” which is the focus of my Monday colum.

Also, Jerry will give Lakeshore listeners a sneak peek at his Sunday column regarding President Trump forcing all Americans to choose whether they support nationalism or globalism, among other crucial decisions to define our values, both individually and collectively.