Charges Filed Against One Of Two Judges Shot, Previously Arrested Suspects

Jun 28, 2019

One of the Clark County judges shot in an Indianapolis White Castle parking lot now faces seven criminal charges. Judge Andrew Adams faces disorderly conduct and six counts of battery, two of which are felony charges that could carry six months to two and a half years of jail.

The shooting suspects, Brandon Kaiser and Alfredo Vazquez, also face charges of battery and disorderly conduct. If found guilty, Kaiser could face up to 16 years and Vazquez up to two and a half.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry says he anticipates the three will turn themselves in next week.

“We have been already coordinating with the attorneys for the three individuals who have been charged and the respective courts to arrange for surrender,” Curry says.

Adams and Judge Bradley Jacobs were visiting Indianapolis in May for the Spring Judicial College – one of several continuing education conferences hosted by the Indiana Supreme Court. According to police, they were involved in an altercation around 3 a.m.

Following the charges, Adams was suspended with pay. Jacobs was investigated, but not charged.