Comment Period Underway for Proposed Cleanup Project in Gary

Jul 13, 2020

Credit United State Environmental Protection Agency

GARY - A 30-day public comment period with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is now underway on the proposed cleanup plan for the Cline Avenue Ditch Site in Gary.

The site, located near the northeast corner Gary Avenue and Cline Avenue (Indiana Route 912), has been impacted by oil entering the ditch and ultimately discharging into the Grand Calumet River.

The proposed cleanup measures will prevent oil from entering the ditch and eliminate contaminants from moving off-site.  The project includes installation of a storm sewer pipe to replace the open channel ditch, removal and proper off-site disposal of oil-contaminated material within the ditch and in construction areas, installation of low-permeability collars on the pipe to limit flow of oil and the installation of a soil or bentonite cut-off wall east of the downstream culvert to prevent leakage.
The project will also include re-grading to enhance drainage and long-term monitoring and reporting.

The EPA said in a news release that they responded to a reported release of oil to the Grand Calumet River in June of 2004. An investigation concluded that the oil originated from a portion of the ditch along Cline Avenue. Measures were put in place to remove standing oil and prevent additional oil from migrating out of the ditch and into the river.

To review the proposed cleanup plan detailed in the “focused feasibility study report,” visit the EPA website.  The report is also available for review during normal business hours at the Gary Public Library and Cultural Center, 220 W 5th Ave.

For additional information on the Cline Avenue Ditch Site, or to make comments on the proposed plan, go to the EPA website.  Comments can be made on the website or by calling 800-621-8431 between July 13 and August 21, 2020.