Coronavirus Already Taking Financial Toll on Businesses

Mar 16, 2020

Photo of Chef Nick's gift card and logo.
Credit Photo by: Sharon Jackson / Chef Nick's Eatery

The Coronavirus is already having negative effects on small mom and pop eating establishments around the Region.

 Nick Liapes, owner and operator of Chef Nick's Eatery in Winfield spoke with Lakeshore Public Radio Monday afternoon (3/16) and said his business began slowing down last week and it was even slower on Monday.   "I would say towards the middle of the week when news came out about the spread of Coronavirus, and now it's today is like bottom rock, rock bottom, just totally slow, one hundred percent," Liapes said.  Liapes says his business has already closed their eat-in dinning area and sent the employees home for their own safety.  "We're strickly now just working out of our pick up or drive thru window.  Business has been very very soft. I think the public out there thinks the restaurants are completely closed, but we're open through the drive thru. All they have to do is call and pick up their order at the window."  He said the slump in business, due to COVID-19, is going to have an extremely negative impact financially, but as a small business owner operator, he will do anything possible to keep Chef Nick's afloat.