Crown Point Mayor Shares His COVID Experience

Nov 12, 2020

Crown Point Mayor Dave Uran
Credit Facebook

CROWN POINT - Crown Point mayor Dave Uran wasn't feeling well on Sunday night.  He said he knew something was wrong. Then on Monday (Nov. 9th) he learned he tested positive for COVID-19.  Uran spoke to Lakeshore Public Radio on Wednesday to share his experience.

You know all of the sudden there's the fever, the   chills, the body aches, the headache, I mean it just came all at one time.  I mean from like 8:00 to 10:00 it was just like 'what just happened' and never saw it coming.  There was no indicator the day before like a runny nose or a cough or anything like that.  It just turned itself on."

Uran says he is doing what he needs to do to take care of himself during his bout with COVID.

"I'm optimistic but I'm not getting where I thinking that by Friday it's a miracle I'll be fine and life's good again," Uran said. "So I'm very cautious.  I've been taking a lot of vitamin C, vitamin D, I've been taking the Zinc, stuff that will really get your immune system to be  stronger, you know fight any upper respiratory situation and stuff like that and just resting."

The mayor says he hasn't figured out how he contracted COVID and he says not knowing is frustrating.  He says that he is diligent about wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer and social distancing and he will continue to do so even after he gets past the virus.  He still encourages everyone else to be diligent in wearing a mask and taking the measures necessary to help stay safe.