Early In-Person Voting For May Primary Begins Tuesday

Apr 6, 2018

Hoosiers have until the end of the day Monday to register to vote in the May 8 primary election. And the first in-person ballots can be cast beginning Tuesday.

Hoosiers can register to vote at their county clerk’s office, at any Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch, or online at IndianaVoters.com. Secretary of State Connie Lawson says the website also has resources for those already registered.

They can find out where they need to vote. They can find out who’s on their ballot," Lawson says. "They can apply for an absentee ballot.”

That absentee ballot she mentions is a mail-in ballot. And she says it’s a little different from the early, in-person ballots Hoosiers can begin casting Tuesday. Voters don’t need to provide a reason to vote early in-person – unlike, Lawson says, for absentee ballots.

“You’re not going to be available the 12 hours during voting on Primary Election Day or you’re going to be out of the state. So, you have to state a reason,” Lawson says.

Hoosiers who want to vote absentee by mail must request such a ballot from their county clerks by the end of April.