The Feeling of Jazz – Dual-Spotlight on Johnny Hodges & Wild Bill Davis (Hr-2)

Jun 3, 2018

The Feeling of Jazz, Hr-2, Program No. 324 airing June 3, 2018 featured a Dual-Spotlight on Johnny Hodges (alto saxophone player) & Wild Bill Davis (Hammond B-3 organ player).
Credit Courtesy of eBay.
The Feeling of Jazz, program # 324 airing June 3, 2018 featured a Dual-Spotlight on John "Johnny" Cornelius Hodges (July 25, 1907 – May 11, 1970) (alto saxophone player) & William Strethen "Wild Bill" Davis (November 24, 1918 – August 17, 1995) (Hammond B-3 organ player) in music presented by Kent Lindquist, while co-host Bill Satterlee was off this week. Engineered by Dave Woodworth. 

9 p.m. Hour – Music by Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Time length 

1. Jones, Johnny Hodges-Wild Bill Davis with Kenny Burrell, Mess of Blues, Johnny Hodges, 4:43 min.2. There is No Greater Love, McCoy Tyner, Beautiful Jazz Piano (compilation), Jones-Symes, 6:14 min.3. Creole Will Call, Johnny Hodges-Wild Bill Davis, Blue Rabbit, Duke Ellington, 5:36 min.4. Strollin', Blue Mitchell, Groove Yard Jazz From the Riverside Vaults, Horace Silver, 3:15 min.5. Joe's Blues, Johnny Hodges-Wild Bill Davis, Joe's Blues, Johnny Hodges, 6:07 min.6. Yardbird Suite, Art Pepper, Five Birds and a Monk, Charlie Parker, 5:13 min.7. I Wonder Why, Johnny Hodges-Wild Bill Davis, Blue Hodge, Johnny Mercer-Duke Ellington, 4:30 min.8. I've Got You Under My Skin, Bill Evans-Jim Hall, Anything Goes - The Cole Porter Songbook (compilation), Cole Porter, 3:22 min.9. Mud Pie, Johnny Hodges-Wild Bill Davis, Blue Rabbit, Johnny Hodges, 4:10 min.10. Midnight Special, Jimmy Smith, The Birth of Soul Jazz (compilation), Jimmy Smith, 9:54 min.