The Feeling of Jazz – Spotlight on Coleman Hawkins

Aug 15, 2021

The Feeling of Jazz, Program No. 432 airing August 15, 2021 featured a spotlight on American jazz tenor saxophonist Coleman Randolph Hawkins (November 21, 1904 – May 19, 1969), nicknamed "Hawk" and sometimes "Bean", in music presented by co-host Kent Lindquist. Meanwhile, co-host Al Corns featured other main stream jazz artists like Woody Herman, Milt Buckner, John Coltrane and more. Engineered by Dave Woodworth. 


8 p.m. Hour - Music by Title, Artist (Album), Composer, Time length  

1. The Chant, Coleman Hawkins, The Hawk Flies High (Riverside), Henry "Hank" Jones, 5:03 min2. Watermelon Man, Woody Herman, Woody's Gold Star (Concord 1987), Herbie Hancock, 6:17 min.3. Red Beans, Coleman Hawkins, Coleman Hawkins with The Red Garland Trio (Prestige), Red Garland, 4:14 min.4. It Could Happen To You, Milt Buckner, Milt Buckner (Progressive 1994), Jimmy Van Heusen-Johnny Burke, 5:42 min.5. I Wished on the Moon, Coleman Hawkins, The Genius of Coleman Hawkins (Verve), Dorothy Parker-Ralph Rainger, 3:37 min.6. Say It Over and Over Again, John Coletrane, Ballads (Impulse 1963), Frank Loesser-Jimmy McHugh, 4:11 min.7. Wrap Up Your Troubles in Dreams, Coleman Hawkins, Hollywood Stampede (Capitol), Harry Barris-Ted Koehler, 3:04 min.8. Amanda, Big John Patton, Got a Good Thing Goin' (Blue Note 1966), Duke Pearson, 5:57 min.9. Cheek to Cheek, Coleman Hawkins, Cheek to Cheek (Timeless Jazz, Jazztone Nov. 1954), Irving Berlin, 8:06 min. 

9 p.m. Hour - Music by Title, Artist (Album), Composer, Time length  

1. Gone and Crazy, Johnny Hodges, The Big Sound (Verve 1957), Johnny Hodges, 3:08 min.2. La Rosita, Coleman Hawkins-Ben Webster, Ben Webster - The Complete Recordings 1952-1959 (Orig. LP: Hawkins Encounters Webster) (Verve 1957), DuPont-Stewart, 5:07 min.3. Once in a While, Julian Priester, Keep Swingin' (Riverside 1960), M. Edwards-B. Green, 5:17 min.4. Pedalin, Coleman Hawkins-Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis, (Orig. LP: Night Hawk) (Prestige), McIntire, 6:36 min.5. If I Had You, Kenny Burrell, A Generation Ago Today (Verve 1967), J. Campbell-R. Connelly-T. Shapiro, 2:38 min.6. Lester Leaps In, Coleman Hawkins-Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis, (Orig. LP: Very Saxy) (Prestige), Lester Young, 6:18 min.7. Elsa's Dream, Kenny Davern-Flip Phillips, John and Joe (Chiaroscuro 1977), R. Wagner (Lohengrin), 6:20 min.8. Just a Gigolo, Coleman Hawkins, The Hawk Relaxes (Prestige), Irving Caesar, 5:04 min.9. Ceora, Lee Morgan, Cornbread (Blue Note 1967), L. Morgan, 6:14 min.