The Feeling of Jazz – Spotlight on The Masters of Baritone Sax (Hr-2)

Jan 14, 2018

The Feeling of Jazz, Hr-2, Program No. 309 airing January 14, 2018 featured a spotlight on baritone sax players Pepper Adams and Cecil Payne.
The Feeling of Jazz, program # 309 airing January 14, 2018 featured a spotlight on The Masters of Baritone Sax, notably Park Frederick "Pepper" Adams III (October 8, 1930 – September 10, 1986) and Cecil Payne (December 14, 1922 – November 27, 2007) in music presented by Kent Lindquist, while co-host Bill Satterlee was off this week. Engineered by Dave Woodworth. 

9 p.m. Hour – Music by Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Time length 

1. Fables of Faubus, Pepper Adams, Pepper Adams Plays Charlie Mingus, Charlie Mingus, 4:25 min.2. Q'ba, Cecil Payne-Duke Jordan, Brooklyn Brothers, Cecil Payne, 6:05 min.3. Muezin, Pepper Adams, (Orig. LP: The Pepper Adams Quintet), Pepper Adams, 5:54 min.4. Man of Moods, Cecil Payne, Patters of Jazz, Cecil Payne-Duke Jordan, 5:33 min.5. Alone Together, Pepper Adams, (Orig. LP: Critic's Choice), Schwartz-Dietz, 5:47 min.6. Born Again, Cecil Payne, Stop and Listen to Cecil Payne, Cecil Payne, 5:49 min.7. Down Tempo, Donald Byrd-Pepper Adams, Off to the Races, Donald Byrd, 5:19 min.8. Libeccio, Donald Byrd-Pepper Adams, Motor City Scene, Pepper Adams, 8:36 min.