Fight Breaks Out at Southlake Mall Friday Afternoon

Jul 24, 2020

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Credit Southlake Mall

HOBART - An officer was injured and three women were arrested in a fight at Southlake Mall Friday afternoon.

The "Times" reports two of the women are 26 years-old and one is 32 and they are from Hobart, Gary and Chicago.  One of the women will face a battering a law enforcement officer charge.

Officers were called to the Southlake Mall at about 1:10 p.m. and one of the Hobart officers sustained scratches and cuts on his face an arms while trying to break up the fight.

The brawl broke out outside of a shoe store in the mall.  The store was hosting a new shoe release.

Formal charges in the incident were pending as of late Friday afternoon.

Other fights broke out at Southlake Mall earlier this year in mid May, just after the mall reopened after the coronavirus shutdown.

Two fights occurred in the same week, one of them involving a group of teenagers and another involving four women attacking another woman at Dick's Sporting Goods.  That one started when a woman accidentally bumped into another woman.