Gary Mayor May Use COVID-19 Relief Funds for Infrastructure Upgrades

Mar 12, 2021

City of Gary logo.

GARY -  Gary Mayor Jerome Prince may use federal COVID-19 relief money to improve infrastructure in the city.  On Friday Prince said he will form a planning team to potentially use the $83 million relief package funds to improve infrastructure throughout Gary, set up a reserve fund, and to generate new sources of revenue for the City.

Prince said the planning team will develop a comprehensive spending plan to get the most out of the relief funds and will study the legislation to ensure each step is in line with legislators’ intent.

The mayor says he will instruct the planning team to establish a significant reserve fund and to develop ways the relief funds can be used to generate new revenue sources that will further boost Gary’s financial situation going forward.

The mayor says the team will explore using the funds for infrastructure upgrades throughout the six councilmanic districts of the City.  He added the investments will improve the quality of life for Gary residents and make the city more attractive to potential residents and business investments.

Michael Gonzalez, City of Gary Communications Director says since the early days of his administration, Prince has been focused on tearing down abandoned buildings that too often have become dens for criminal activity.