Gloria Steinem Encourages Speaking Up At Ball State

Dec 2, 2019

Gloria Steinem says despair comes from isolation – and political movements like feminism have allowed people to get together and “get mad on their own behalf.”

The feminist political activist spoke at Ball State University Monday afternoon as part of a book tour.

She told reluctant college students that speaking up on issues is important to the world, even if it’s a scary thought.

“I would say ‘just say it.’  I mean, you’re a unique miracle in there.  We need your voice.  And it doesn’t always have to be pleasing.  You know, women have the pleasing disease,” Steinem says, laughing.  “So, you can say outrageous things, too.”

And Steinem told the college campus audience of all ages that she didn’t speak in public until she was in her 40’s, because she was terrified of it.

“I discovered the magic of audiences, and you,” she says, gesturing to the audience.  “You know, that when we are in a room together….  And if we had time, you know, we could organize all kinds of subversive –,” she says, as she devolves into laughter.

Steinem founded New York and Ms. Magazines and has written several books.  She also received a Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.

Ball State has archived its recording of Steinem’s appearance here.