Good Fortune Falling on Valpo Resale Shop After Down Times

Jul 14, 2020

VALPARAISO - A Valparaiso resale shop seems to be slowly back on the upswing, after thieves stole merchandise from collection bins behind the alley in early June.  

Presbyterian Resale Shops is reportedly now experiencing more donations and fewer thefts.  Store manager Pam Skaltsas told the "Times" thefts have decreased and donations have doubled.

The shop also acquired new cameras with an app that contacts her or others from the shop when someone is illegally taking items from the bins. The store employees then can contact police.

Skaltas says store employees haven’t caught anybody yet, and she hopes they don’t.

The shop has lost a good amount of volunteers.  It went from about 40, now down to about 11, due to COVID-19.