Green Gorillas, Monsters, Time Travel Are All Part of The Ralph's World Rock 'N' Roll Show for Kids!

Jan 4, 2019

Ralph Covert of Ralph's World
Credit photo by McBride

This edition of MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges was originally broadcast on FRIDAY, JANUARY 4 on 89.1FM - LAKESHORE PUBLIC RADIO 


Ralph Covert is a singer, songwriter, entertainer, and author who takes young folks to a special world where time and space travel are part of the experience.  This place is called Ralph's World, a fanciful and colorful plain of imagination, where one finds adventures with famous historical figures, green gorillas, dancing elephants, space explorers, friendly monsters and lots of other amazing things.

On this program, Tom Lounges interviews his longtime friend Ralph Covert about his 20 year history as a children's performer and recording artist.  There are plenty of Ralph's World original songs featured in this program to showcase Ralph's unique sound and style.   Ralph's World broke the mold of those old-fashioned "A-B-C"-style shows of past generations.  Ralph's World broke new ground when it began and continues to keep the bar high for all other artists who cater to the toddler set.   

Ralph's got the world of children's entertainment in his hands.
Credit photo by Newberry

This program was timed to help promote the January 5th 11:00am RALPH'S WORLD performance at Theatre At The Center in Munster, IN