Griffith Town Council Passes Resolution Compelling School Board to Delay Closure

May 14, 2020

GRIFFITH - The Griffith School Board announced a plan last month to close a local elementary school.  But many residents have concerns over the closure and have reached out to the Griffith Town Council for help.

Council President Rick Ryfa told the "Times" that the council has never been contacted more in 12 years on one particular topic.  The council is now enabling the citizens to be heard by the school board through the council.   

The council also passed a resolution on Tuesday urging the school board to delay its plan to close Ready Elementary.  The council's resolution urges a 120-day delay and shares the concerns residents have expressed.

Council Vice President Larry Ballah read the resolution in-full but also acknowledged that the council has no power over the school board.

The local government body also accepted a petition with over 1,200 citizen signatures on it against the school board's action to close Ready Elementary.