Hammond Woman Facing Multiple Charges After Police Chase Altercation

Oct 27, 2017

Thirty-two year-old Jacqueline A. Castillo of Hammond.
Credit Indiana State Police / Indiana State Police

HAMMOND - A Hammond woman is facing a slew of charges that stem from possible drunk driving and a physical altercation with another woman.  Indiana State Police Spokesperson Sergeant Ann Wojas says that just before 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday (10/25), an Indiana State Trooper pulled-up behind a Buick SUV parked in one of the toll booth lanes on the Indiana Toll Road, just east of the Indiana/Illinios State Line.  The officer saw a woman get out of the front passenger door and throw a beer can at the driver while yelling expletives.  The passenger told the officer she and the driver had been in a fight and the driver was too drunk to pay the toll fee, so she got out to pay the toll and threw the beer can out of frustration.

"The Trooper Hamed goes to the driver's side to talk to the driver and realizes that she may have been drinking and that she wasn't cooperative." Wojas says. "She told them she didn't have any identification on her.  And meantime she put her car in drive and she fled the scene and then he pursued her."

The driver, who was eventually identified as 32-year-old Jacqueline Castillo, continued speeding east bound exiting the Toll Road onto Calumet Avenue.  She eventually drove through a lot at a gas station in the 3300 block of Calumet and crashed into a pole behind the station.  

"And when she got out of the car she came toward the trooper with her fists enclosed and in an aggressive manner and he had ordered her numerous times to stay back, but she kept advancing on him," Wojas said.  "He told her he was going to tase her multiple times and she never listened so he had to tase her."

Wojas says Castillo was taken to Saint Margaret’s Franciscan Hospital in Hammond where Castillo attacked a nurse and had to be restrained. She was eventually medically cleared and taken to Lake County Jail in Crown Point.  Castillo tested over 3x the legal limit, with a Blood Alcohol Content of .27%.  Some of the charges she is facing include Resisting Law Enforcement with a Vehicle, Battery, Operating While Intoxicated, Reckless Driving,  Obstructing Traffic, Open Container and Operating a Vehicle without ever being Licensed.