Holcomb Stops In Anderson On Workforce Development Tour

Feb 19, 2018

Gov. Eric Holcomb has been on a workforce development tour of Indiana. He stopped in Anderson at the Purdue Polytechnic Institute Monday.

During his visit, Holcomb placed the back bumper onto the model car in the automotive manufacturing simulator.

He says he hopes to take success stories from different regions to train more people to take the estimated 96,000 available jobs in Indiana.

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“One of our greatest challenges over the next 10, 12 years to make sure we have the skilled workforce to fill those jobs that are there today and that will be coming online in the years ahead,” Holcomb says.

NTN Driveshaft plant manager Tyron Thomas wants more students see technical training as a post-secondary option.

“Everyone is pushing go to college, but again there’s a cost to goes to college,” Thomas says. “Everyone doesn’t have the money to go to school, but there’s a lot of companies out there that doesn’t require a four-year degree.”

Holcomb’s workforce development visit included a tour of the facilities and round table discussion.