Homeless High School Dropout to Inspire IU Northwest Students

Mar 25, 2021

Roy Juarez Jr. promotional poster for IU Northwest talk.

GARY - A motivational speaker, who was homeless after dropping out of high school will be giving a virtual talk to help inspire students for IU Northwest.   Roy Juarez Jr. the CEO of ImpactTruth, a human development company, will impart to students the true importance of higher education. Juarez Jr. says he will use his personal story growing up as a homeless teenager to convey the message, which includes the day his life took a turn when he snuck into a hotel to eat.

"I had heard a speaker who had talked about her life and all the adversity she had gone through, but her father has always told her to ask 'why not me?' and she grew up to be the highest ranking Latina woman in the combat support field of the United States Army," Juarez Jr. says. "When I heard this lady speak I thought 'oh my God, if she can make it, I can make it."

The conversation with Juarez Jr. is being held at 11:30 am. on Friday (3/26) via Zoom.  Registration is required.  Go to tinyurl.com/IUNInspire