IHSAA Limits Attendance To Tournament Games, Responding To COVID-19

Mar 12, 2020

The IHSAA will refund anyone who already purchased tickets.
Credit Lauren Chapman / IPB News

The Indiana High School Athletic Association will limit attendance for girls gymnastics and boys basketball tournaments. The organization is making changes to comply with guidelines on coronavirus from federal health officials.

IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox announced the state girls gymnastics and regional boys basketball tournaments will go on – limited to 250 people, including athletes and coaches. Because of the number of officials and coaches necessary for gymnastics, no spectators will be allowed to the state tournament. 

For regional boys basketball, participating schools will be allotted 75 complimentary tickets for coaches, administrative staff and immediate family.

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“Throughout the last 48 hours, things have changed. Things in our community have changed. And things around the state have changed, things around the country have changed. So we’re trying to stay up with that,” Cox says.

He says the organization will refund anyone who already purchased tickets. And he acknowledged the substantial economic impact this will have.

“It’s not good. I wish I could tell you it was not a big impact, but. … I suspect this will cost the association about half a million dollars,” Cox says.

He says the move is not without precedent – the organization has suspended seasons in the past due to weather and energy crisis. He says the organization did not have to respond similarly to H1N1.

With the announcement IHSAA joins collegiate and professional athletic groups in limiting spectators to events.

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