I'm Just The Messenger With Ben Sinclair

Feb 21, 2020

On the HBO series High Maintenance, actor Ben Sinclair plays a weed delivery man. But can the man behind The Guy identify the famous historical messengers in this quiz?

Heard on Ben Sinclair: High Maintenance And The Battle Of The Podcast Stars.

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Our final round is coming up, but first, let's play another game with Ben Sinclair, everybody.


EISENBERG: So, Ben, you play a bike messenger on "High Maintenance," so we thought it would be a fun time to give you a quiz about famous historical messengers. All right, so this is multiple-choice, so let's see how you do.

BEN SINCLAIR: All right.

EISENBERG: All right. In 1844, what message did Samuel Morse send from Baltimore to D.C. in his first big public demonstration of the telegraph?


EISENBERG: Was it A, o, brave new world? Was it B, what hath God wrought? Or was it C, you up?


SINCLAIR: Gosh. You know, it's probably A. Yeah.

EISENBERG: O brave new world?

SINCLAIR: Yeah, probably.

EISENBERG: I'm afraid it's B - what hath God wrought? That was the first big public demonstration of the telegraph from...

SINCLAIR: He was right.


SINCLAIR: He was right. Everything got messed up when we were wondering what was going on over there. You know what I mean? When you, like, send a text and then you're just, like, waiting to get it back for weeks or...


SINCLAIR: ...Whatever - yeah, yeah. So he was right.

EISENBERG: Yeah. He knew. Supposedly, his daughter suggested it.

SINCLAIR: Was his daughter a goth?


EISENBERG: Maybe. Cher Ami was awarded a Medal of Heroism for their service delivering important messages during World War I. Who was Cher Ami - A, a political cartoonist who embedded coded messages in his drawings; B, an exotic dancer who was also a spy or C, a carrier pigeon?

SINCLAIR: Oh. Good, good, good, good, good, good, good.


SINCLAIR: Well, I want to say the stripper, the B one.



EISENBERG: Don't you think - OK. Yeah.


SINCLAIR: I've lost all confidence in that answer...

EISENBERG: All right.

SINCLAIR: ...Based on your reaction, so I'm going to pick another one.



SINCLAIR: Can I get a hint from you so we can get more content?



EISENBERG: The name Cher Ami is French for dear friend.

SINCLAIR: Oh, I knew that. Come on.

EISENBERG: OK. The delivered messages came through the sky.



EISENBERG: That's the best I can do.

SINCLAIR: Well, then I still say the stripper.


EISENBERG: Yeah. That's right.

SINCLAIR: No, it's a homing pigeon.

EISENBERG: Yeah. That's right.

SINCLAIR: Yeah, cool. Thank you for answering that question for me.

EISENBERG: My pleasure.


EISENBERG: Cher was later taxidermied and now is in the Smithsonian.

SINCLAIR: Oh, great.


SINCLAIR: I'll go see it.


EISENBERG: Yeah, go check it out.

SINCLAIR: Yeah. Yeah.

EISENBERG: This is your last clue. According to the Smithsonian Postal Museum, riders for the Pony Express had to make a pledge on the Bible before they were hired. What was the pledge - A, not to swear, get drunk or fight with co-workers; B, to always tuck in their ponies before they went to sleep or C, to never let anyone else handle their mail pouch?

SINCLAIR: Oh, that's C, right? Come on.


SINCLAIR: Because they don't want to get - yeah, I'm sure they don't want them to fight. Tuck in their ponies - I don't know.


SINCLAIR: So I'm going to say they told him not to get in a fight.

EISENBERG: Yeah, that's right.

SINCLAIR: Yeah, yeah.

EISENBERG: They had to swear on the Bible not to swear - which is ironic - get drunk or fight with their co-workers. That was A. You are correct.

SINCLAIR: I said all of the answers in a way, though.

EISENBERG: You said all of them.


EISENBERG: You did amazing. You did amazing.

SINCLAIR: All right. OK, cool.

EISENBERG: And, Ben Sinclair, you won. You won, everybody. You are a winner.


SINCLAIR: That's cool. That's good.

EISENBERG: And the new season of "High Maintenance" is currently on HBO. Give it up one more time for Ben Sinclair, everybody.


SINCLAIR: Thank you, Ophira. Thank you. That was fun. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.