Indiana State Board of Ed. hosts South Bend public hearing

Feb 23, 2018


The Indiana State Board of Education hosted a hearing Thursday seeking public comment on proposed revisions to school accountability grades.


The majority of those present at the hearing were school teachers and administrators.

They raised concerns about the timeline for the changes, and how they could affect their students standardized tests and graduation pathways.

David Maguel is the principal of Northwood High School in Nappanee. He says the proposed changes don’t allow schools enough time to assess student needs in order to be successful.

“The reality is school institutions need time to build relationships,” Maguel said, “There’s a lot of factors that go into that, that take time to kind of look into, find wrap around services for those kiddos so you can be successful with them.”

Board members say the concerns during this hearing echoed concerns at the previous hearing in Fort Wayne.

The Board will hold three more hearings before voting on the proposed changes in April.

If passed, the changes would be implemented next school year.